Steve Hall 

"What a remarkable Genealogist Janet Buchanan is.
I was adopted from birth, with just my birth mothers name on my Birth Certificate with no clue as to who my father was.
I decided to do a DNA Test and armed with the results and my mothers name, I turned to Jan for help, hoping that this would be enough to find out who my father was.
During my first meeting with Jan, l realised what a good choice l had made asking for her help.
She is incredibly knowledgeable and a consummate professional. I had regular updates via email, which were very welcome, knowing that things were bubbling under the surface, which kept me feeling very positive.
We also used FaceTime when there was some important new discoveries, and there were many!
Jan always requested my permission before approaching anyone, therefore always maintaining professional confidentiality.
Yes, Jan not only found out who my father was, but also found that I have five other half siblings who didn’t know that I existed.
Little did I know what I had started, but I now have this wonderful new family, brought together by Jan.
Its an incredible thing to say, but without the help of this very talented lady, I would still be wondering who my father was.
My wife asked Jan during our first meeting whether she thought she would be able to find anything, and she said “yes”...... She kept her word.
You have made a lot of people very happy - thank you Jan" 2018

"I couldn’t believe how quickly Jan found our ‘lost’ family history and was able to give us the details in the most informative and enthusiastic way. Truly an amazing experience". 2018

"I knew of birth date of my father and where he spent his early life but, nothing of his family, Except that he had been brought up by two maiden aunts. Us children were discouraged from enquiring further. I wanted Jan to research my fathers early life and, in particular who my grandparents were and why were they apparently not around when he was a baby. My supposition was that my father had been born ‘out of wedlock’ as they would say back then but in 1901. Jan has done a stupendous job in tracing my grandparents using DNA and genealogy, finding where and in what circumstances my father was born and discovering that the maiden aunts were not aunts at all. More surprising was Jan’s discovery that my Family name is my grandmothers maiden name. Having done a first class job in tracing my ancestry Jan is now working on the social history around my fathers birth, for example who exactly were the aunts and why did they give my father an excellent upbringing and, what happened to my grandparents. You’re doing a great job Jan and I thoroughly recommend you to others."  2018