Family History Research

I am a genealogist and family historian, who undertakes research which is tailored to clients individual needs.  This can be based on an hourly fee or with an agreed package of research.

Research is designed to fit around the client's requirements and budget. This can range from a basic genealogy, which is the names, dates and places of a person's ancestry, to a full narrative report which includes social history and context.

As with anybody researching family history, it is possible that research will not find certain people nor answer a specific question and it can always hit that proverbial brick wall!  Records may not be able to be found, they may only be available at local archives or they simply don't exist. I keep in touch with clients regarding progress and options throughout the research process.

I will undertake a free initial inquiry session, via phone, online or face to face, regarding research requirements and the options to fulfil these.  From there it can be decided on how I can help and what research will suit the clients needs.