Genetic genealogy - DNA

I am interested in using DNA for genetic genealogy as a way of helping to find family history answers alongside the paper trail.  I can advise the best tests needed to answer specific family history questions and if DNA can potentially help.  

As well as advising on tests, I can administer results, analyse results, contact DNA projects and matches, conduct further research in conjunction with DNA genealogy and combine this with traditional genealogy in order to to help find answers to these questions. Work is undertaken on an hourly basis or by a schedule of fees. 

I have had success in using DNA to find the family of illegitimate ancestors as well as finding families of adoptees.  I have also reunited families through DNA research.

DNA genealogy only helps in conjunction with a researched paper trail. It is also dependant on who else has tested.  However the number of people testing is ever increasing, helping to find more matches once results are in the data bases.